<Summoners War RE;BOOST> Special Invitation Event Q&A Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

We would like to follow up with the questions that we received in the <Summoners War RE;BOOST> special invitation event that was held in June (South Korea).

We apologize for the late follow up which resulted from trying to answer all questions that were asked in the event.

Similar or same questions have been categorized for convenience, and we tried not to edit the wording used in each question.

Please take a look to see what kinds of questions Summoners have asked and the development team's answers.​


- When can we see the transmogrifications from the voting contest?

- Fan art contest, transmogrification contest?

- I want all the winning pieces of transmogrification from the contest.

- When will I get the fan art contest prizes?


We are currently working on the transmogrification for Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior. We are refining the appearance of event transmogrifications so they can fit into our game.

We'd like to say that the transmogrification will be given as a reward through the event in the first half of 2020.

We believe that all prizes have been shipped. If you haven't received it, please contact us.

Please take a sneak peek at the image of transmogrification that we're working on!


- There are so many L&D monsters that are not used, and some are over balanced.

- Please balance the L&D monsters. Why did you patch the Light Panda Warrior again and rolled back Dark Sky Dancer?

- Will Water Hell Lady's 1st skill be upgraded?

- Why did you nerf Light Archangel?

- Please balance the awakening effect (awaken bonus) of monsters. (Why does Light Phoenix's resistance get increased upon awakening?)

- Does Fire Phoenix's critical rate get low when attacking the other attribute?

- Why did you nerf Dark Harp Magician?

- Please rebalance the 5★ L&D monsters. 

- Will the Dark Ifrit get buff?

- Buffs are good, but there are too many nerfs. I have less and less monsters that I want to summon.


Balancing modification is a sensitive matter in the game, and we take very careful approach.

Please understand as it is difficult to talk about specific monster and its balancing modification.

The main goal of balancing modification is to make Summoners War more interesting and entertaining. We think our game has no right or wrong answer when it comes to clearing and playing content. Coming up with solutions and discussing which approach suits the best for each gameplay is one of the fun factors that users experience while playing Summoners War.

So when we proceed with the balancing modification, we focus on creating an environment where a variety of monsters are used in many different types of situations. For instance, we look into see if a specific monster has too much power, not allowing other monsters to perform or show their potentials. Or on the other hand, we try to see if there are any monsters that are not being used well by the users. We constantly gather data and review feedbacks from users, and go through countless of discussions and tests to prepare an update.

We are aware of the fact that these updates and adjustments may not satisfy everyone in short term. We will keep trying hard to provide balancing modifications that offer fair and stable results to users. We cannot promise to implement all requests that users have, but please note that we will always listen to the feedback from users via various paths.


- Please add a memo function in runes.

- Can you add a memo function that appears when we acquire runes? I sometimes farm a rune and remind myself to give the rune to some monster and forget.

- Recommended rune auto setting function? To make easier

- Sort out the runes by default grade

- Want to sort out monsters in the monster storage by monsters with no runes, 4-star monsters and fusion monsters.

- Do you plan to update the rune grade display?

- Please patch to have grindstone and gem stack up.


Enhancing the convenience in rune info and related menu is one of the tasks that we had for a long time. The rune management menu (which was introduced in 2017) was a big upgrade, but we still have many points to go over and improve.

Due to the characteristics of mobile games, designing UI that has to contain many menus on a limited size screen is particularly troublesome. It would be nice to have a variety of features, but we would like to consider any downsides that these can create (such as making the screen too complex). Thus, we are careful to add even one small feature (not only the rune management related features, but features in general). 

We cannot go into more depth about how we will make improvements, but how to improve the points that are lacking in rune UI is being discussed in the team very actively. We will try our utmost to make this happen soon, so please stay tuned.


- Can you release a patch that allow us to use the High essence in other places?

- Essence dismantle system.


As we mentioned in another offline event, the essence dismantle system update is not under our consideration.

However, we went back to see why users want the essence dismantle system, and we narrowed down to following reasons:

- Users have too many high essences as there are not many places to use them (acquisition and consumption balance)

- The expected drop value of mid/low essence per battle is low, so users have to farm attribute dungeons repetitively

We would like to increase the no. of mid/low essences that's dropped one time which will decrease the overall no. of dungeon entries.

We have not yet discussed about creating a place where high essences can be used, but adding something in the Crafting might be an idea.

We will proceed with gradual improvements and continue to monitor the feedback from users constantly.


- Any thoughts on limiting the Violent in arena (not RTA), guild battle and siege battle?

- The Violent is the biggest problem. Please modify so the Violent won't go on over 3 times in guild battle, siege battle and arena. And nerf Hathor.


We actually have discussed to limit the no. of Violent activations in other PvP content. However, the test results were not acceptable and we decided not to make an update. 

To elaborate more, we have encountered with situations where offence deck in asynchronous PvP content (such as arena and siege battle) getting too advantageous and having winning rates increased. If the Violent effects were limited, this would minimize variables and we thought this would reduce the fun of asynchronous PvP battles. 

However, we think what users asked us needs to be reviewed and discussed constantly. We will monitor carefully to make sure the violent does not influence the PvP content in abnormal ways when the game balance and environment change.


- Do you think 30 guild battle matches in a week and 6 defense on Saturday is reasonable?

- What's the standard of getting guild battle defense matching? Sometimes only one in 3 weekdays and too many defense during the weekend. The weekday guild battle is really tough and the weekend battle does not have consistency; it's really stressful as a guild leader.

- I have a guild, and please improve the guild member management UI. (Ex. no. of attack attempts used)


We plan to make the guild related content update in September. At the moment, we are reviewing what parts need the improvement and discussing how we can improve those parts. We will take a look into the guild battle matchmaking rules as well as the guild member management UI. Please give us support for a great outcome.


- How can I get a job in Com2uS?


Com2uS has a variety of different departments from development, business, video content and marketing. So I'm very careful to say as I'm not sure in which area you would like to work in.

If you want to join Com2uS as a developer, I think having a passion for games and studying in developing related fields will be helpful.


- Please delete the zoom-in motion.


We hope monsters in the game will approach to users in more charming ways. It can be stressful to see so many critical rate display effects consecutively, but please understand that this effect is like a hope of developers to show monsters in great appearances.


- Will you sell 4~5★ L&D scroll pack?


4~5★ L&D scroll is not under our consideration at the moment.


- Do you plan to sell character products like other games do?


We have been producing various character products such as figure series, mugs, stuffed toys and character t-shirts through a license agreement with Funko. Some of these were actually sold, and some others were given to Summoners as event gifts (SWC events, etc.). I know that more products will be produced in the future, so please stay tuned!​


- When can we see another series of animation? It was good.


Thank you so much for liking our animation! We have plans to continue making them. So many talented and high skilled people are working to expand Summoners War’s IP (intellectual property) into different genres such as TV animations, fictions and comics. I think we will share good news regarding this soon. 


- How can I clear TOA 50th floor?


Understand the characteristics of opponent monsters on each floor and try to find a way to defeat them. The Strategy Info that appears when you fail to clear a floor is a great tip for you to check how other summoners cleared that floor. I wish you all the best!


- What do you think about the rift dungeon reward unbalance, the dissatisfactions regarding the no. of Pure Magic Crystals, no. of summoning stones?


We plan to improve and update the rift dungeon continuously. As we said in the previous developer’s note, the gameplay time and difficulty level improvement are planned for the v5.0.8 update. Rather than simply increasing the amount of rewards, we would like to work on the overall reorganization of gameplay flows, time and accessibility.


- I often see hacks that don’t sync information in World Arena. Can you fix this?


Our team also consider the security-related countermeasures (such as hacks and macros) very important and we are continuing to take an action towards them. In fact, users who use the hack are being monitored and actions are being taken, but the fact that users are experiencing inconvenience at the moment when the hack is used is one of the biggest challenges and concerns to us. I think the best solution is to continue with security enhancement process to increase the reliability and safety. We will try to provide more stable gameplay service on iOS and Android by having proven security solutions from other companies and developing internal security solutions.


- Do you plan to have 4/5★ monsters for secondary awakening?

- Will 4★ monsters be available for secondary awakening monsters and not just 2/3★ monsters? Please don’t do the 2nd awakening for 5★.


From the initial stage of the 2nd awakening planning, we wanted to create a scene where 2-3★ monsters who have lower usage can be revisited and favored by users. We are not considering to have 4-5★ monsters for the 2nd awakening. However, we will take care of the 4-5★ monsters that need more touch ups through constant balance patch and create new content so more variety of monsters can perform in the game. 


- What are the next secondary awakening monsters?


The next 2nd awakening monsters have been fixed internally. We think we will be able to introduce them to the game within this year. We will come back later to discuss more about which monsters will be the next secondary awakening monsters.


- With the twins (Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior), the dungeon clear time has been fastened a lot. And I have to look at my phone whenever a battle ends. Can we have a bundle battle clear feature?


Repeat battle feature has been discussed within the development team a lot, and has been seriously reviewed. By providing the auto repeat, the in-game convenience can be increased, but we are concerned that this can blur the unique color that Summoners War has.

When we ask a question “Will Summoners War still be fun when we play battles repeatedly with auto repeat feature without any emotions?” to ourselves, we could not answer the question easily.

We are also worried that repeat battle feature may affect the emotions and fun that users experience from different kinds of moments that they encounter while playing the game. There were also concerns that the repeat battle feature will weaken the interaction between users that occur in the chat as users will see the game screen less. With these concerns, our team decided not to add the repeat battle feature to the game.

However, we will continue to think and develop a way that can increase the convenience (related to battles) while maintaining the fun. We’ll keep trying to find a way that will satisfy users and maintain the characteristics of Summoners War.​